Privacy Policy

Novodiax is committed to protecting the security and privacy of your personal data.  We strive to conduct ourselves and our business according to and in compliance with all applicable laws.  We anticipate that the policy provided in the following information below will help your understanding of what types of data Novodiax may collect and how we are working to safeguard this information and with whom we may share the information.

Data Privacy
Protecting your personal data is important to Novodiax.  We therefore conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy protection and data security. We anticipate that the policy outlined below will help you to better comprehend what data Novodiax may collect and how we are using working to safeguard your data and with whom we might share it.

Personal Data
Novodiax does not collect any personal data about you via our website, such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address, unless you voluntarily provide us with this information via site registration, purchase or by completing a request for information from a survey.

When you visit our web pages, our server may automatically recognize your IP address, web browser and browser version, the linked reference page, as well as any referencing site from where you departed.  We also collect information volunteered upon registration and on request for information forms and use this information to serve you per the manner requested and for marketing purposes.  The information gathered is used to provide access to additional support material and to provide notification of product notices, upgrades and related products and services. Sometimes it is possible to identify your organization from the IP address.  We automatically collect and aggregate this information such as which pages you or other visitors access.  This information is then used to inform and improve the structure and content of our web pages and to provide feedback to our Customer Service and product development efforts.  It may be possible for us to associate someone’s email address from the link that was selected on an e-mail we forwarded to you.

The only circumstances for which any contact information collected will be shared with any other organization is when it is in relation to a special event or joint activity held in collaboration with a recognized industry organization.  In these situations, our association with the external organization will be clearly stated as well as the purpose ascribed for the event.  It is our policy that such receiving organizations not distribute contact information to third parties.

As we meet at trade shows, via social media or other means, it may be possible for you to be contacted by one or more of our associates to share information about other upcoming events or our new products and services.  Should you desire to no longer receive e-mails, direct mail, or phone calls, please alert us know via an e-mail message.

In our attempts to protect your personal data against malicious use, accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, and against unauthorized access and disclosures, Novodiax may use both technical and organizational security measures.

Copyright and Acknowledgements
Documents published on this site by Novodiax are the property of Novodiax and may be copied only for non-commercial individual reference.  All copyright or other proprietary notices are retained by Novodiax and may not be copied, reprinted, reproduced or otherwise distributed without prior Novodiax approval.

Novodiax may permit copying or publishing of documents located on this site in a manner that is not in compliance with the statement above provided expressed permission has been provided by Novodiax.  For such information, please contact Novodiax directly to request such permission.  When utilizing authorized and permitted materials, please acknowledge Novodiax as follows: Information (text or image) provided courtesy of Novodiax Inc.,

This page provides the terms of use and policies governing this site, as well as trademark and copyright information for the site and Novodiax Inc. products and services. All content on this site is © Copyright 2016 Novodiax, Inc.

Links to External Websites
For users electing to link to websites outside of the Novodiax site, Novodiax is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other websites.

Use of Web Analytics
Novodiax may elect to utilize web analytics from companies like Google or Adobe.  Novodiax reserves the right to utilize such analytic tools.  Our website will only use such analytic tools to improve our site and/or identify errors.  For this purpose, some data may be stored, such as the website visited, metadata and any website pages reviewed prior to arriving at Novodiax’s site.  It is thereby possible that the site could put a cookie into your browser.  While the cookie contains no personal data, it will facilitate website analytics to occur.

Novodiax does not knowingly collect personal data from children without insisting that they seek prior parental consent if required by applicable law.  We will only use or disclose personal data about a child to the extent permitted by law, to seek parental consent pursuant to local law and regulations or to protect a child.  The definition of “child” or “children” should take into account applicable laws as well as national and regional cultural customs.

Terms of Use
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