Target validation & Ab profiling

Using our polyHRP platform, we are able to directly label therapeutic antibodies to be used for validating in both fresh frozen and FFPE tissues. Using our on-site inventory, we are able to test a wide range of human tissue types include cancerous and normal tissues. Images are analyzed and scored by our onsite pathologists and technicians.

When target validation is compromised by high backgrounds and low sensitivity, our services can help resolve your issues with polyHRP labeled drug targets that provide higher sensitivity and enable more accurate pharmacology when performing dose response to drug candidates in animal models.

Example Service Project: Drug Target Validation Using a Mouse Antibody on Mouse Tissue

A customer encountered difficulty in validating a drug target in a mouse model with a mouse antibody. We helped resolve the issue by labeling customer’s mouse primary antibody with our polyHRP. A clear dose response to a treatment was observed in the images below.